Due for launch January 2016

Have you been trying to get higher up Google’s search engine for certain phrases?

Our new Partner Blogs SEO Boost may be the answer!

We are in the process of creating new partnership websites for Web Design For Accommodation, each of which have been chosen for their high PR (page rank). These quality blog sites will feature interesting articles about accommodation as well as other niche industries, and each will be promoted on Twitter and other social media.

The SEO Boost is created as follows: We will write a quality article about your accommodation, with an emphasis on your chosen search phrase that you are wish to improve your ranking on; eg: “large holiday home in Croyde, Devon”.  This article will be added to each of the partner blog sites, and will contain contextual links back to your own website. Research has shown that links made in this way will help improve your rankings for the chosen search phrase. (Please note, it will take a month or two for this to take effect).

How to get your SEO Boost:

Simply order via the button found on this page, and we will contact you to ask you what you would like your search phrase to be. We will then add your article of the Network once the network is launched (due for launch in January 2016).