Below is the form you need to use if you wish to send us information to tweet out on your behalf for the upcoming month.

Please only submit this form during week 1 of the month.

The form allows up to 10 items to be added – you can provide up to 20 items a month – if you wish to send us more than 10, simply use the form twice!

PHOTOS: The form will not work if you send very large photos – max file size 2MB – resize your photos online easily using: Pic Resize

Alternatively – use the form below to provide us with your text, and send us your photos using (Numbered to correspond to your tweets)


What To Tweet? Some Ideas:

  1. Photos work best – so if you have any nice scenic photos, simply add a suitable caption for your tweet text.
  2. Any events such as festivals, regattas etc that is happening in the coming month
  3. Anything new to your accommodation such as refurbished rooms, new menus, etc
  4. If you want us to push traffic to your facebook page, give us the link to your facebook page and we can ask your twitter followers to like you
  5. Promotions – any late availability or deals you are offering
  6. Local news that is of interest to potential visitors.

Please note

You can tell us how often you want each of your items to be tweeted – eg if you have a special offer, you may wish us to tweet it out 4 times daily, every day until the end of the month.

Due to how fast and frequent twitter is, your tweets need to be sent out repeatedly, so that you can ensure a wide audience sees your tweets. We recommend 4 times daily.

A good photo will do wonders – if you have pretty photos of the area or your accommodation, just think of  a nice caption and upload the photos using the form below.