Website Hosting Renewal

Renew your site’s annual hosting fee using one of the 2 options below.  Please scroll down the page to see if you require any other services for your website:

Domain registration

If we renew your website address for you then please pay for this by by selecting the product below:

Site Amendments

All of our sites are set up to allow the site owners the ability to amend their pages etc themselves, however if you require some amendments to be made to your site that you would prefer us to do for you, you can order this as an option:

Additional Security

We already protect your site with basic security, but like with all things, we can do more, if you pay more!  We can now offer the below additional security options for your hosting package – Our Security Package protects your site from being attacked by malware, as well as keep your site’s installation and plugins up to date, which will also keep your site loading better (and faster) as well as working correctly.   If your site is unprotected, it could be sending out spam via your domain without you realising – which can have a very negative impact on your rankings.  Failure to keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date can make your site vulnerable to attack.  Our Added Security package will always ensure these are kept up to date.