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8 Things Every Accommodation Website Should Have


Is your accommodation website effectively pulling in visitors, keeping them around and converting them to bookings? If your website is little more than an online placeholder, it’s time to start putting it to work so you can grow your business and take advantage of the huge potential number of visitors that are out there.

Today’s consumers are accessing your website from their desktops and laptops, and also from their smartphones and tablets. This checklist will help you make sure that your site is doing what it should for you – increasing your profits.

1. Social media links

Your accommodation’s social media pages are extensions of your brand and it’s important to make those outlets easily accessible.

You want your guest (past, present & future) to connect with you in every way possible, and social media is a great way to encourage engagement with them.

Make your social networks easy for your site visitors to find by linking to them from your website.

2. Address & Map

Including the address of your accommodation and a map will make it easier for your guests to not only find you more easily but allows them to make sure your location is right for them.

3. About us page

Providing information about how long you’ve been a part of the accommodation industry, where you began, and how you ended doing what your doing will help to instill trust in a potential guest.


If you have an interesting story as to how you ended up where you are - tell it! It's great to let guests and potential guests know about the journey you've made.


This is the second most visited page on websites - don’t leave it out!

4. Testimonials

Continuing on the subject of building trust, today people love to go online and research accommodation they are considering staying at.

Within the accommodation industry there are many ways to find reviews on a business - think TripAdvisor! However, you can’t always control what information is out on the web and many accommodation owners have fallen foul of a bad and possibly unjust review. This makes it all the more important to clearly display testimonials from happy customers on YOUR website. If reviews are easily accessible from your own website it could prevent potential customers from looking for other sources. So the more information you offer for your visitors and the easier you make it for them find, the less likely they are to navigate away from your website and stumble upon any less favorable reviews that could scare them away.

Missing Any Of The Above?

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