A lovely “follow up” review from one of our customers…

We were delighted to receive an email from one of our customers, who had already previously given us a lovely review shortly after her website went live, and surprised us today by sending us a new review - to let people know how she has got on with her new website. Here is what she wrote...

"We have had our WDFA website for about eighteen months and I am still as delighted as ever. During that time I have made a few changes to keep it fresh and adjust information as required. WDFA have always responded rapidly to any questions I have and have been happy to make small changes and help me learn how to do new things. The website has remained lively and relevant.

I now have the Blog facility with links to Twitter and Facebook; this has been really useful and although I don’t yet have hundreds of followers I can see that an increasing number of people are actually reading my Tweets and Blogs. I just think of the activities and aspects of our area that I enjoy and write something on that theme; local events provide interesting material too. Food is also a great subject; if there is not much going on in the area I just write up one of my own recipes, add an image of the dish and publish it.

The latest addition for me is the PoP-Up facility; again WDFA provided me with all the ‘How To’ information in the form of a little video - perfect. The Pop-Up is great for adding a Special Offer to boost occupancy levels if you have a quiet few days or want to sell a package over a holiday period. Also useful if there is a special event in the area or to advise on availability. The beauty of the Pop-Up is that you can turn it on and off and you don’t have to interfere with your actual page content - particularly useful for information that you don’t want as a permanent feature. The Pop-up only consists of a Header, a sentence or two and an image so does not take long to create. We introduced the Pop-Up only six weeks ago and already it has brought us more bookings.

I am now about to learn how to add links and linked documents to my Blog."

Jules in the Cotswolds

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It is really heartening to hear that Jules' hard work on her blog is holding her in good stead; and she is getting to grips with it very well, and learning new skills too.

A big thank you to Julie Anne, for providing us with such a lovely review, it really made our day!

For many people who aren't used to using social media it can be a daunting task to get started, but hopefully any readers of this article will take heart that it is worth the effort, and give it a go!

We are particularly happy that Jules has enjoyed success with the Pop up service that we recently added to her website; which as she mentions, can use to tell her site visitors about special offers or late availability, leading to a greater likelihood of converting the visitor into a booking. You can read more about our Pop Up service (available exclusively to our website customers only) here.