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Bed & Breakfast web design – we’ve got you covered!

What’s the secret ingredient behind a thriving B&B business? Apart from your fantastic hospitality and those sumptuous breakfast spreads, a well-designed, user-friendly website can truly make all the difference! Let us introduce you to two fantastic bed & breakfast web design services we offer – Essential and Standard, both crafted with love for bed and breakfast businesses just like yours.

Essential Service Bed & Breakfast Web Design

Our Essential Service is, well, just that – essential! It’s the perfect starting point if you’re a bit of a newbie in the digital world, or if you’re on a tighter budget but still want an impressive online presence. This service lets you DIY your content with a brilliant design layout we’ve prepared just for you.

No setup fee, no stress, just a user-friendly platform that’s super easy to handle. With our video tutorials guiding you every step of the way, you’ll be adding your own photos, text, and even master the art of SEO in no time. What’s the cost, you ask? Just a monthly service fee of £14.99+VAT. And here’s the cherry on top – your first month is absolutely free!

Standard Service Bed & Breakfast Web Design

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more tailored, let us introduce you to our Standard Service. Picture everything you get with the Essential service, but with a lot more personalisation and uniqueness thrown in. Our team will work closely with you to create a website that’s custom-built to reflect your B&B’s unique charm and character.

With the Standard Service, you get your very own colour scheme, a completely tailored layout and we’ll add your initial content for you. All you have to do is provide us with your basic info and photos, and we’ll turn that into engaging, SEO-friendly content that’ll make your website shine! This fantastic service comes at a one-off cost of £899+VAT, then our monthly service fee of £14.99+VAT applies *

Premium SEO Optimisation

Whether you choose our Essential or Standard service we provide you with a number of premium additions included with the monthly service charge. One of which is the RankMath Pro subscription included with every site, providing you with the ability to optimize your website’s SEO performance and help you rank higher in search engine results. It also provides you with the ability to monitor keyword rankings and how your website pages perform.

So, whether you’re going for the Essential or the Standard, remember, a great B&B deserves an equally great website. Your delightful rooms, your delightful breakfasts, your delightful hospitality – let’s bring them to life online. Are you ready to start your web design journey? Get in touch. Let’s get your B&B the online attention it deserves!

*please view our pricing pages to check our pricing – the prices shown above were correct at the time of publishing!