Standard website service design form

IMPORTANT: Please view this on a PC/Mac or laptop so that you can see the examples properly

1. Choose either a FULL WIDTH or BOXED design:

A full-width design is where the backgrounds (including header images) are the whole width of the website.
A boxed layout is where the content is in a "box" and the content background is different from the main background.

2. Header style - please let us know which of the following types of header you would like.

Click on the images to view larger image size

3. Accent Colours for your website

Please choose which colour palettes you like. We will use these colours for Titles, buttons, footer backgrounds etc.
If instead of using the colour palettes you have a logo or image with colours you would like us to use you can upload it below.

4. Logo & Title font choice

Please choose which logo / titles you like. You can choose any Google font, below are some ones that we think work well.