How to edit a gallery element on your website

Text instructions:

Login to your website
Then visit the page you wish to edit (front end as if you are the visitor)
Click on the Page Builder link found in the menu at the TOP of your page.
This will load the builder. Once it has loaded you should be able to hover over the elements on this page, when you hover the background will go a pale blue colour; these are the bits you can edit!
Double click on the gallery element.
This will allow a pop up box – click on the “Edit Gallery” link. This will then bring up a bigger box which shows you the images currently added to the gallery.
You can:
delete photos by clicking on the “X” on the thumbnail (little picture) of the image you wish to remove. Please note; this deletes the image from the gallery you are editing, but the picture will still be in your media library for you to use elsewhere on your site.

AVOID deleting images in your media library as you may not realise that this image is used somewhere on your site; and will leave a blank spot!

You can Add more images by clicking on the “Add Images” link and either add from the Media library or from your computer.

You can also REARRANGE the images by dragging and dropping them in the order you want them to appear in.

When you have finished click on “Update Gallery” then click on “Save” on the smaller box.

Lastly, to make your changes live, click on the “Done” blue button found top right of your screen.

Select “Publish” changes and that’s it – your changes are live!