Group Marketing Initiative

Combine Forces + Reap The Rewards

“If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.”

This quote epitomises precisely what the Group Marketing Initiative is all about - sharing resources and pooling finances... if you work alone you bear all the costs but if you combine strategically with others your costs and effort are greatly reduced.

So How Does It Work?

We help to put together a group of local accommodation providers (max 10 per group).  We provide this group with a wonderful website and all the tools and marketing to make it a real success.

The Group

The ideal group would comprise of 5 B&Bs/Guesthouses and 5 Self Catering Providers. It would also be optimimum for these to differ in what is offered; i.e. budget priced, mid-range and some higher end accommodation, so that there is something suitable for each site visitor who comes to the website. However, if you prefer to have just one accommodation type eg just self catering, or just B&B that is fine also.

The Website

The group's website will have a fantastic looking home page, displaying all 10 accommodation providers which will then link through to a page for each of the accommodation providers. Their page would include a link to the owner's own website, contact details, accommadation overview etc. and link to their booking system (if they use one)

The group website can also include information about things to do in the area.

It would also include a very important area; the Blog.

The Blog

Each member can post 1 blog article a week.  Each article can be used to promote the owner's own accommodation; and we make it really easy to do; the owner simply emails their article to a special email address, attach photos to the email and clicks 'send'. The email sends the article straight to the blog area. This blog article is then  sent out on Twitter multiple times throughout the year, using the fantastic Missing Lettr service.  These tweets will be seen by the group's twitter followers.


We set up a new Twitter account for the group.

We include our amazing Twitter service which provides the group with thousands of new followers throughout each year; and each new follower receives an automated direct message which tells them about the group website as well as a weblink - bringing in a constant stream of website traffic.

These followers are selected to ensure that they are relevant to the group. Eg if the group is based in Cornwall, we would target followers of @visitCornwall (the tourist board) - as these followers clearly are interested in visiting Cornwall!

Special Offers Area

Each member will also be able to 'post by email' their own special offers which will be displayed in the website's Special Offers section.


We set up a Facebook business page for the group; each time a member posts a new special offer or blog post, this will get added to the Facebook page.

How to Start / The Cost

If you would like to get started with your own group website, please fill in the contact form below, and we will provide you with additional details.

The set up cost PER MEMBER is as follows:
(Based on a minimum of 10 members per group)

Each member pays: A one-off Set Up cost of £45+VAT plus an additional annual fee of £45+VAT.

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