How to add a new page

Step 1 - login to your website!

Step 2: hover over the "+New" link at the top of the screen (black menu) - see screenshot - and select "Page" from the submenu:

Step 3: this will open up a new page - enter the page title in the Title Field - see screenshot:

Step 4: Click on the blue button "Launch Page Builder (USE)"

Step 5: This will load up the page Editor.  You will see that the Header and footer are showing and the middle page content is blank.

You need to add a row type first. If the module / row selector isn't automatically showing simply click on the "+" sign as shown here:

Step 6: You can start by adding a row - the row can have different column widths - select the Rows tab to view the selection of different types of rows. You need to drag and drop the row you wish to use into the page content area:

Step 7: Now that the row has been added (the example shown is using a 2 column row) - we can now add content modules. These modules can be text, images, galleries, etc. Choose from the modules section, and drag and drop your module choice into the column - as shown below:

Here's a little video to show you how to drag the module into the column:

Step 8 - when you have finished adding your content you can publish your page by clicking on the "Done" blue button top right hand side of your screen - see below. Once you click "Done" - select "Publish"

Now you need to add the page to your main menu. Your menu is found under the Appearance tab in the main website dashboard. See below.

Step 9: Find your new page and select it via the little tick box to the left of the page name and click on the "Add To Menu button. This will add the new page to the menu list - you can them drag this page name within the menu list, to change where it appears within the menu order.

You can make the new page be a main tab or if you want the page to be a sub menu item just drag it to be added below the page where you want the sub menu to appear. Watch the video below.

Click on the blue "Save Menu" button.


That's it! Your new page is now live and reachable on your website!