Article 4

How to ensure your website gets direct bookings (Article 4 of 5)

Make it easy to navigate for your mobile visitors.

When you consider that over half of your website visitors are using either a mobile or tablet to visit your site you can see why it’s vital to make your website work brilliantly on these devices.

Patience isn’t a virtue for the majority of internet users…if a site doesn’t work well or is hard to navigate, they will in most cases instantly leave the site to search for a better alternative. When you consider that the person visiting your site is likely to be interested in your accommodation, you don’t want to cause them to leave your site before they have booked or sent an enquiry!

What you need to do as a minimum is make it really easy for your mobile visitors to be able to do the following:

a) send you an email,

b) call you

c) quickly view your availability

If you have all these 3 in place, you will see an increase in potential bookings and enquiries.

We are always keen to ensure that our website customers get as many bookings and enquiries via their site as possible, so we created a new service for our customers which is called simply ‘The Mobile Action Bar‘… This service adds 3 helpful buttons to the website’s mobile version; Call, Book & Email – making it incredibly easy for their mobile guests to get in touch. (Note, this service is only available to our own website customers). See this on a live site here.

How to ensure your website gets direct bookings (Article 4 of 5)
An example site showing the 3 buttons on a mobile.

On a desktop version of a website you would expect to see the same sort of ability to email, call or view availability either within an info bar at the top of the website, or in the footer, on ALL pages.

If you are interested in having a Mobile Action Bar added to your website please order here or get in touch! (Note, only available to new and existing customers).