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Get our new Media Bundle today!

Choose one of the media solutions below or go for the full bundle!

Media solutions
to promote your accommodation / website

Take a look at these great Media Solutions

A brilliant video comprising of your best photos (max 20) and accompanying captions, to highlight your accommodation's best features. This video will be added to Youtube, as well as the full video emailed to you, so that you can upload it to use as a Facebook or Twitter post.

Choose from either a classic vintage style video or a Modern style video: (Click on the 2 examples below to view the full video)

Classic Style Video

Modern Style Video

If you are one of website customers who have had a website made by us in the last 18 months - we can add a beautiful Feature Slider (10 slides of photos with captions) that focuses on your best selling points / niches - that we will add to your website's home page or main accommodation page.

For non website customers or customers who have older websites, we can create a 10 photo video to embed into your website instead.

An example of the Features Slider is shown below:

Cosy cottage for couples in Devon
Cosy lounge with woodburner
Welcoming porch


10 of your best or favourite photos made into fabulous Twitter or Instagram images (cropped to the correct size) and with a caption and your website address added

Instagram Posts - Styles available:

Twitter Posts - Styles available:

The Benefits

Using promotional media such as these will really make your tweets and photos stand out - gaining you more attention on social media, and more likely to get visitors to take notice and visit your site.

Our Media Bundle

We have identified one of the biggest issues our customers have when trying to promote their own accommodation is what they should be adding on social media.

So we Created our new Media Bundle to
Overcome This Issue!

How to use the bundle:

The Youtube video has a share link, which you can use to email to anyone who asks to see more information about your accommodation; i.e. via email - simply send them the share link and they can instantly see your best photos for your accommodation, and the captions help to provide some details. 

Youtube is owned by Google, so having your own video on this website will also enhance your own website's SEO!

You can upload the video to Twitter or Facebook, (we send you the full video for you to keep on your computer, to upload to wherever you like); we've uploaded one of the demo videos to Twitter as shown below:



just £99.99+VAT - HUGE SAVINGS!
  • Promotional Video- comprising of 20 photos + Captions - uploaded to Youtube, and full video provided for customer to download and save on to their own computer (to use to upload to Twitter or Facebook etc)
  • Feature Slider - (own customers only who have had a website made by us in the last 18 months - to ensure compatibility) - non customers (or customers with older websites) will be supplied with a 2nd video made from 10 images and captions that they can embed into their own website
  • 10 Images for Twitter or Instagram (or mix)- have 10 of your best photos made into special images for using on either Twitter or Instagram; with caption and website address

Our new Media Bundle is ideal for accommodation owners for promoting their accommodation on social media


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