Micro Satellite Websites

Improve and Increase Site Visibility

One way to improve search engine optimisation and to get an increase in organic search results visitors is to have a few micro satellite sites that work in conjunction with your main site, that have been set up to be optimised specifically for a low competitive long tail search phrase.

Each micro site will use new text (i.e. not an exact copy of the text on the main master website), and will be optimised to get found for just one search phrase that has a decent number of monthly searches but has low competition i.e. not many other websites competing for this phrase. This would allow the new micro site to efficiently get found by search engines, and this website would then pass it’s traffic on (by way of links) to the master website.

These micro sites are designed to bring in a valuable source of Organic Search Visitors.

Should you wish to have your own micro website(s) we can provide a micro satellite site from just £99.99+VAT set up fee + hosting. Click here to order

Micro Sites to aid search engine optimisation