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We are constantly looking to improve our website customer's websites and associated services.

Below are a few services that we have had requests from our customers to provide - depending on the volume of our customers who would be interested in these, will determine which services will be prioritised.

Please take a look at the below services, and we'd really appreciate if you could spend one minute filling in the form found at the bottom of the page to let us know if you are interested in any of these services.

Service 1 - Booking System


Accept direct online reservations and don't pay any commission & synchronize all bookings across OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) like via iCal. Our new booking system is perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost: eg hotels, self catering accommodation, agencies, hostels etc.  Can be used as a complete booking system, or simply to show availability (i.e. manually confirm bookings)

The highly flexible system will allow you to apply different seasonal pricing, set room rates, services (eg add cleaning) add photo galleries, manage online bookings online. You can also set min / max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates. 

The accommodation rate can also be changed automatically depending on a number of guests. 

The system can require deposits to secure the booking, either as a set amount, or a percentage.

Confirm submitted booking requests manually, automatically or instantly upon payment. Charge a full amount of money or deposit. Send email notifications either automatically or manually. Accept payments through Bank Transfer, PayPal or if wishing to accept credit card payments, an additional annual fee for adding payments via Stripe or similar would be required.


New Booking / Property Management System

Proposed Cost for 1 Property: £149 +VAT Set Up Fee
+ £5.00 +VAT per month thereafter
  • Installation & Set up for 1 property - we'll add the system to your website, add your rates, description, amenities, set up email templates (that are automatically sent to guests who have placed a booking via your site)
  • Additional Properties- additional properties can be added for £35.00 +VAT set up fee per property. Monthly fee increases to £10.00 +VAT per month for 5+ properties; £15.00 +VAT per month for 10+ properties etc
  • Auto Synchronisation across OTAs- synchronize the bookings manually or enable the automatic sync function.
  • Pay ZERO Commission - no commission to pay on any of your bookings taken on your own website
  • Flexible- set your rates & add additional services etc

Service 2 - Social Media / Online Promotion


Our website owners are very aware that they should be using social media - apart from us telling you this, tourism boards have also been telling website owners that they need to be using social media too! Part of any online marketing nowadays would not be effective without using Facebook, Twitter and a few other popular social platforms that are now proving to be important, such as Instagram.

However, despite knowing that social media is now so important, a huge percentage of our website owners do not actively utilise social media at all, which means there is a big hole in their online presence that needs filling!

As this is such an important part of marketing, we have been developing a solution that will work for all our website owners who wish to promote their accommodation online.

Our Solution:

Using our own social media that is dedicated to promoting accommodation via our Discover Accommodation website; our team can send out tweets and Facebook posts about your accommodation (2 each week), containing links within the post to your own website.

No work for you to do at all! We will create content based on your own website text and details, or taking a new review from online sources such as Tripadvisor etc, or if you want us to promote something such as late availability or a special offer, you simply need to let us know by completing a small online form to let us know.  Each time we create a tweet, it will be sent out mulitple times (re-worded) over the following 12 months; which means that by the time we have sent out 12 months of promotion, your accommodation (& link back to your own website) will have been mentioned 1248 times on social platforms (2 posts x 52 weeks = 104, then each post is re-made with 12 variations per post). 

If you are currently using Twitter or Facebook, have a quick count to see how many posts you have added in the last month, and then multiply this number by 12 to get a comparison number.  If the end result is far lower than 1248, you may wish to consider using this service!


New Social Media / Online Promotion

Cost: £20.00 + VAT per month - payable via direct debit
  • No need for your own social media accounts
  • 1248 Social Mentions (posts about your accommodation, with a link back to your own website)
  • Fully managed by our team; we will respond to any queries on our social media about your accommodation, and send them to view your website
  • No contract; simply give it a try
  • Nothing to do, we'll create content based on your own website's text & photos.

Service 3 - Website Management Service


If you are too busy to do your own website editing / updating, and want someone else to do it, we are considering offering this option for our admin team to update your text and photos as well as availability calendar (if using our own calendar or PMS).




For up to 5 properties

Cost: £40.00 +VAT per month
payable via direct debit (does not include your normal hosting)
  • Unlimited calendar updates (only if using our own calendar or Booking System)
  • 1 Text Change (on 1 web page) per week
  • 1 set of photo changes - up to 10 photos per set (can be on different pages)

Agencies / Websites with 5+ Properties

  • We will discuss with you your requirements to determine the average text & photo changes required per week / month

Tell us which services you may be interested in:

Please let us know if any of the above services may be of interest - you are no obliged to take up any of these services; we simply would like to know an approximate number of our customers who may be potentially interested: