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Add a Pop Up / Slide – In

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(Existing Website Customers Only)

A great way to let your website visitors take notice of

  • Special offers
  • late availability
  • Booking link & text saying “Book via this website for best rates”
  • Sign up to your newsletter

or whatever you would like it to say!

Choose to show either a Slide-in (an example Slide In & Pop Up will show on this page), or a Pop Up Box.  Both the Slide In and the pop up can display an image to accompany the text, as well as a button link.


Demo Pop Up

This is a demo pop up; and is a bit different from a slide in (which comes in from the side) - a pop up appears in the middle of the screen.

You can add whatever text you like. Eg Late Availability, Special Offers, A newsletter sign up form etc. Or - simply a Booking link advising that it is best to book via this site for the best prices etc.

Button text

(DEMO) Sign up to our Newsletter

Be the first to hear about our latest offers and late availability!

Click here
Demo Slide In TitleYour sub title can go here

This is an Example Slide-in!

This is your text area for the slide in - it can say anything you like!

Think about adding Special Offers; Late Availability or ask your visitors to sign up to your newsletter!

Button Text
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