Photo Blog Add-on Service


A great way to enhance your website, retain visitors, and improve your website’s SEO.

The Photo Blog is like Instagram for your website! It’s quite hard work to add a proper blog post to a website, but a photo post is altogether easier! Adding just a caption to show your readers what the photo is about, you will be able to easily add a photo blog post in seconds, using a simple form on your website (that only logged in users will be able to use).
Benefits: Each photo post creates an individual page on your website. Google and other search engines love large sites, so adding lots of photo posts over time will greatly increase the size of your website, and keep search engines returning regularly to check out your new additions!

Photo posts are also great way to retain visitors on your site and can gently show your site visitors all the lovely things there are to see and do around the area.

Photo posts can be based on anything – here are a few ideas; photos of meals out, lovely gardens, flowers, baby animals such as sheep, recent refurbishments or new things bought for the accommodation… whatever is photo worthy should be considered!

We can offer this service to any customers who have had a website built with us in the last 2 to 3 years (please double-check with us if you are not sure how long ago you had your site built, and we can advise on compatibility). This is a one-off cost to add this to your existing website.

We can add the photo blog to each page of your website (near the footer) or as a photo page.

See example website (scroll down to near the bottom of the page): CLICK HERE