Ultimate Site Security – Duration 1 Year £49.99

£89.99 £49.99

Our Ultimate Security service offers you the following:

  • A new, improved Site MOT (worth £29.99) – to update your website's Wordpress installation, themes & plugins.
  • Continued updating of your website's Wordpress installation, themes & plugins throughout the year.
  • Addition of a powerful Security Plugin to fight off scraper attempts, aggressive robots, fake bots, unauthorized login attempts and even strong brute force attacks.

It will constantly be scanning:

  • For HeartBleed vulnerability.
  • Changes to Core theme & plugin signature files.
  • Known malware files
  • Core WordPress files vs. originals in the repository.
  • File contents for infections and vulnerability.

The Ultimate Security Service also scans your site for viruses, malware, adware, trojans, and other suspicious links on regular intervals, and will shut down any suspicious files.

On a daily basis, your website is bombarded by spambots who are trying to access your website. The Ultimate Security package will block any suspicious IPs that are detected and blacklist them.


The Ultimate Security Package also includes daily and weekly & monthly backups – with the Monthly copies stored in 2 different locations.