How do I choose the right colours for my accommodation website?


Understand Your Brand

  1. Brand Identity: What are the core values of your accommodation? Is it luxurious, rustic, modern, or traditional? Your color scheme should reflect this.
  2. Target Audience: Who are you trying to attract? Different demographics may have different color preferences.

Consider Psychology of Colors

  1. Blue: Represents calmness and trustworthiness. Good for creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Green: Associated with nature and wellness. It could work well if your accommodation is located in a natural setting.
  3. Red: Energetic and passionate but can be intense. Use sparingly, perhaps for CTAs (Call to Action).
  4. Yellow: Cheerful and welcoming but too much can be overwhelming.
  5. Brown: Gives a rustic and cozy feel.
  6. White/Neutral Tones: Offers a clean and modern look.

Look for Inspiration

  1. Competitor Analysis: Look at competitors’ websites to see what colors they are using.
  2. Nature and Surroundings: If your accommodation is by the sea, shades of blue and sandy colors could be fitting. If it’s in a forest, different shades of green and earth tones might be more appropriate.
  3. Interior Design: The interior color scheme of your accommodation can be extended to your website for a cohesive brand experience.

Practical Tips

  1. Accessibility: Make sure there’s enough contrast between text and background colors so that the content is easily readable.
  2. Consistency: Stick to a palette of 2-4 colors. Too many colors can create confusion.
  3. Test: Consider A/B testing different color schemes to see which one performs better in terms of user engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Professional Opinion: Sometimes, it helps to get a second opinion from a graphic designer or color consultant.


You can use various online tools to help choose a palette, such as:

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