Ravenstone Cottages, Galloway

Lovely new website for one of our existing customers...read what they have to say about their new site!

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We were delighted to help an existing customer with a new website, upgrading from an older website they have had with us for about 4 years.

We are always very happy to have good feedback, and wanted to share the owner’s words here…

“We’d gone from 3 cottages down to one and our site, 4 years after its initial design, was looking rather dated and chunky as a result of removing pictures and text.
Sarah at WDFA gave us a quote for a new site as well as a page by page revamp, but I realised that a full on redesign was needed and I am SO glad we went for it. The technology has moved on so much and our new site is stunning!
Sarah provided tutorials for me so I could swap pictures around; edit and create text; set up my own email subscription newsletter … I am thrilled with what we’ve managed to create and we certainly couldn’t have done it without Sarah and her team.
I know they can do a complete package where owners do hardly anything, but I’ve really enjoyed learning how to do manage the site and its really straight forward and Sarah gives you the tools you need to be in charge of your rentals business.
Super satisfied customer our site looks great, I’m really pleased and its been worth all the effort!

Happy to chat to anyone who wants to know more.”

Sara Barton
Southfield House