Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service to Increase Google Rankings for Accommodation Websites

Improve your website's Online Visibility with our specially formulated SEO Package for Accommodation Websites

Give your website a helping hand to improve your website rankings and benefit from more Organic Search Traffic with this great SEO package:

Increasing Your Website's Rankings With Search Engine Optimisation

The old saying "Build it, and they will come" sadly doesn't apply to websites!

A website can take a very long time to appear on search engines for anything other than perhaps the property name (and then only if it's a unique name), unless a certain amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work is undertaken.

The sheer number of websites online and the big booking sites has made getting a new website to appear for a competitive search phrase quickly is now almost impossible unless you were to spend many thousands of pounds a month to compete with the likes of Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor etc to name but a few.

What We Do

When we build your website we will have already added basic on-page search engine optimisation such as page titles and meta descriptions to your website pages along with H1, H2 titles etc..., this tells search engines what your website is about. (You would be amazed how many web design agencies leave this easy yet vital aspect out.)

However, there is much more we can do to help your website outperform other newly built websites with our specially designed SEO Package for accommodation websites.



Our Special Search Engine Optimisation Service for Accommodation Websites

We have created a great SEO service that will do the following:

For sites that have been online for some time, we analyse your site, as well as your local competitors, and see what key phrases your site may already be getting found for (although these may be very far down the rankings), as well as analysing the value of various additional search phrases that have sufficient traffic to make it worthwhile to aim for.

(For brand new domains, we look at your niches, and check the value of these niches + area name, as well as look at local, similar competition, to come up with the keyphrases.)

Choosing 5 keyphrases, we work on restructuring your website to optimise for these phrases, with the main emphasis made on your home page and landing pages (niche pages). Note - we may need to build additional landing pages if your website doesn't have sufficient content.

During the initial phase (Month 1) we provide you with a report, showing the website's initial rankings for the 5 chosen search phrases.

Second Phase...

The second phase of our search engine optimisation (an additional 2 or 5 months), consists of a continuation of page SEO enhancement, eg tweaking website text and metadata, as well as a combination of social mentions and backlinking.

Each month, a new report will be provided to show the change in rankings.

Choice of 2 services:

3-Month Service:
Pay Upfront: £600+VAT (£720.00)
Pay Monthly: £250+VAT (£300.00) per month. Total: £750.00+VAT (£900.00)

Or Recommended:

6-Month Service:
Pay Upfront: £900+VAT (£1080.00)
Pay Monthly: £200.00 + VAT (£240.00) per month. Total: £1200.00 + VAT (£1440.00)

Optional: After this time, we can continue to monitor your rankings for £36 (incl VAT) per month thereafter (providing you with the monthly ranking report), allowing you to re-commence SEO boosts as and when required.

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