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Get your new website ranking with our specially formulated Mini SEO Package for newly launched websites...

Give your website a helping hand to improve your website rankings and benefit from more Organic Search Traffic with this great SEO package:

A domain is deemed brand new even if you've registered the domain for some time. Until a domain is set to a live site, Google will be unaware of it)

A new website can take a very long time to appear on search engines for anything other than perhaps the property name (and then only if it's a unique name), unless a certain amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work is undertaken.

When you consider the vast number of websites online and the big booking sites such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor etc to name but a few and then the many accommodation providers with websites in your area, you can see why it's a struggle to get a decent ranking for competitive phrases.


What We Do

New sites are unlikely to rank for any decent search phrases for some time. Here' how we can speed this process up.

We identify your website's ideal search phrases by looking at what you offer/provide, and checking the value of these services + your area, plus take a look at your local competition. For example, if you are a B&B centrally located in Norwich that has parking, an ideal search phrase to work towards would be: "norwich b&b with parking" as this phrase gets up to 1000 searches made each month, a website appearing for this phrase will bring in organic traffic.

Choosing 5 key main keyphrases, we work on restructuring your website to optimise for these phrases, with the main emphasis made on your home page and landing pages (niche pages).

Specially Designed for NEW Accommodation Websites

The Process

The first step is to monitor your website, so for the first week or so, we will add your site to our special website SEO system, and check for current rankings for the search phrases we are going to be aiming for. Rankings are deemed if your site appears in the first 10 page results on Google - it's likely that brand new sites will not yet rank for any phrases.

The initial report will show you what your site if your site is appearing for any of these phrases, prior to us working on it.

However, for newly launched websites it is extremely unlikely that the site will appear for any organic searches, so we will investigate and provide a range of ideal phrases for us to target.

The best phrases are those that have a sufficient number of web searches made each month that are low competition. The report will show you the number of searches made generally each month for these phrases.

Our aim is to get your website to rank for these chosen search phrases, and gain a first or second page ranking on Google.

The Work

Over the following 8 weeks, we will work on your site, optimising various pages by tweaking & amending Your Meta Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, page content, internal links, adding blog posts etc on your website, all of which will help your site to gain better rankings for the chosen search phrases.

We will continue monitoring and tweaking the site during the 8 weeks, and provide you with an updated ranking report at the end of this period.

Unlike other SEO companies, we can show you how your website rankings have changed over the optimisation period, so that you can see for yourself that it has improved your site's rankings.


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The cost for our Mini SEO service is £350+VAT. Should you wish to continue receiving monthly ranking reports after the 8 week timeframe, you may do so at an additional cost of £30+VAT per month.

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