Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Starter Package for New Accommodation Websites

Get your website off to a good start with our specially formulated SEO Package for Accommodation Websites

Give your website a helping hand to boost visibility and start to climb up the search engine rankings with this great SEO package:

Increasing Your Website's Visibility Online

The old saying "Build it, and they will come" sadly doesn't apply to websites!

A new website (by this we mean a new domain that hadn't previously been registered) will take a very long time to appear on search engines for anything other than perhaps the property name (and then only if it's a unique name), unless a certain amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work is undertaken.

The sheer number of websites online and the big booking sites has made getting a new website to appear for a competitive search phrase quickly is now almost impossible unless you were to spend many thousands of pounds a month to compete with the likes of Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor etc to name but a few.

Our service does not promise to get you high rankings, but instead this service is there to jump-start your site into being more visible online. Our service will allow your site to be present in numerous online areas which will allow Google and other search engines to look upon your site more favourably.  This service will allow your site to do better on search engines faster than if no work was carried out, and depending on any niches your accommodation offers, may allow your site to get found for good phrases in due course.


What We Do

When we built your website we will have already added basic page titles and descriptions to your website pages, this tells search engines what your website is about. (You would be amazed how many web design agencies leave this easy yet vital aspect out.)

However there is much more we can do to help your website outperform other newly built websites with our specially designed Starter SEO Package for accommodation websites.

Our new Website Search Engine Optimisation package works primarily on providing valuable backlinks back to your website, as well as focusing your website content with long-tail key phrases.



Our Special SEO Starter Package for Accommodation Websites

We have created a great starter service that will jumpstart your website's online visibility. The package does the following:

Home Page Content Analysis:
Our SEO manager will determine ways to improve your existing home page’s content to include a greater concentration of your chosen key search phrase.  These need to be more long key tail search phrases eg “Edinburgh Guest House with free Parking”. We will re-work page titles & descriptions to match the chosen key search phrase.

Quality links back to your website by way of articles and images: 1 article on Discover Accommodation, plus:  2 x blog articles containing links with key phrases used as anchor text as well as up to 20 high pagerank image submissions including meta data and up to 25 powerful PR9 (domain authority 70+) SEO backlinks.


We also will...

Create a Youtube video (we create using up to 20 of your photos): We include a link back to your website within the Youtube description.

Take care of Social Mentions: We will send out links to your website via our Twitter feeds, as well as links via other social media such as Pinterest, Flipboard & Facebook.

We will also include Internal page linking – this helps improve SEO as it establishes a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages.

We carry out the SEO work over several months so as to appear as natural as possible for search engines.

To get started simply click on the order button below, and pay online. We will then get in touch with you to let you know what we recommend your key phrase to be, and to let you know the timeframes for the service to be carried out.