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Website Server Move

Website Upgrades

If you have reached this page it is because we have contacted you to let you know about our upcoming server migration.

Your website could do with updating and we invite you to take a look at what your website could look like in our new design.

Simply find your accommodation name and click on the link to view your accommodation's home page of the new design.

Upgrading to this new technology would benefit you in the following ways:

  • Search engine performance will improve as the technology provides your website data in a cleaner & better way than the old site.
  • The new software has more frequent updates which will keep the site working well going forward and prevent potential security issues.
  • Making changes eg adding widgets and awards will be easier and better laid out.

We can offer this tech upgrade for just £99.99+VAT ONLY if taken up before the server move. (Normally we would charge upgrades at £249.99+VAT.)

If you would like to proceed with the tech upgrade, please order before the deadline via this link: (so that we can action the upgrade before the site move):

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