Social Mentions.
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The to appear
on Facebook & Twitter


No Work!

We do it all for you! We'll create posts based on your website text and images, and add these to our social media accounts; each with a link back to your own website.


We create a 6 Month social media campaign comprising of numerous social items about your accommodation that will appear on our Twitter & Facebook feeds. Each social post item will contain a link back to your website.

Click here to see what these items look like


Part of your Search Engine Optimisation should be appearing on Social Media such as Twitter & Facebook feeds. This service will ensure that your website is mentioned regularly on social media, which is something that search engines such as Google look for as part of their algorithm.   NOTE - this is not a way to gain more website traffic via direct visits from social media; but as a way of improving your own website's ranking on search engines, by fulfilling your social media mentions.


Simply order your Social Mentions Service via the order button below, and we'll do the rest!

See this in action below:

See this in action below: