Tregella Guesthouse, Newquay

A new website for one of our existing customers!

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Tregella’s website may be brand new, but its owner isn’t new to us! This is the 3rd site we have made for Tregella’s owner!

Chris, the owner of Tregella Guesthouse, asked us for a new website as she wanted to ensure that her new website was as fresh and up to date as possible as she was working hard to get more direct bookings, and wanted her website to be modern, and include some extra technology that would further enhance her site.

What we love: this site is using Repuso which is a really smart way for accommodation owners to showcase their best reviews; saving time and at very low cost.

We also love the Instagram feed which has been set as a global area, and is therefore on every web page. Having this feed not only looks fantastic but also will help the site owner build up a good following of Instagram followers.

We also think the footer looks nice and simple, yet effective. The inclusion of the newsletter sign up form will allow the site owner to build up their e-marketing list, making it even easier to build up direct bookings.

The numerous call to actions throughout the site (View availability, Call now, etc) will guide the site visitors to call or enquire, which will in turn bring in more bookings.