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First of all, let me start by setting the tone…social media and blog articles need to be personal; it’s all about you communicating with your potential guests, so write in the same tone that you would use when speaking to visitors who come and stay.  Unlike your website, which is more formal, social media is about engaging your readers, and letting them get to know you.

A blog is simply a series of articles; with the newest article appearing at the top, and the oldest at the bottom. A blog is an excellent area to expand your website; simply by periodically writing a short article about things you want to let people know about, in a pleasant and informal way.

What to write about? The easy way to look at it is to think about what you tell your guests when they ask what there is to do, or places to eat.  You should write about anything interesting that is happening locally, seasonally etc such as a Regatta, festival, sports event etc, or closer to home, about something you are doing or working on within your accommodation. For those who are more rural, townsfolk love hearing about life in the countryside, and so writing an article about lambing season for example, will always go down a treat, especially if you add a nice photo or two!

We’ll be giving you plenty of good ideas on what to write about in the upcoming posts, but in the meantime, wanted to give you a tip on how to make your workload smaller…

Tip of the Day

Once you have written a blog post, simply select the odd sentence, add speech marks and use it as a tweet, with a read more link to the full article.

This is done really cleverly for you via the amazing Missing Lettr service; which is really clever.  This service looks at your blog post and creates little snippets from your text, and then makes them into a picture.  They create around 9 snippets and schedule them to go out throughout the year on Twitter, so it’s a very easy way keep your Twitter service nice and busy.

Here is one of these snippets based on one of our own posts…

If you don’t have a blog, strongly think about getting one added to your website. The owners who do best are the ones who are pro-actively working on their website, and a blog is key to this.  Ask your web designer to add one for you, and if they give you a price that is prohibitive, take a look at our power sites, as these will do the job perfectly – click here.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about what to write on social media, and we'll have a lot more for you in coming articles.

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