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Say goodbye to the guesswork: We’ll take the social media reins by creating for you a year-long plan filled with captivating content, including:

  • 1 blog post per month: Each post deep dives into local secrets, seasonal delights, and experiences that make your area legendary. (12 blog posts in total)
  • 4 Social media gems (Facebook& Instagram) each month: Each social post contains shareable anecdotes, and compelling content that keep your audience coming back for more, and suggests a suitable image for you to accompany each post.
  • Just Copy & Paste: All you need to do is copy and paste these posts into your social media throughout the year.

Here's an example blog post for January:

As January wraps Sidmouth in a crisp embrace, Sea-Renity invites you to experience the beauty of this charming seaside town during the serene winter season. Nestled in the heart of Sidmouth, our holiday home becomes a cozy haven, offering a perfect escape for families and couples seeking tranquility.

Warmth in Every Corner: Step into Sea-Renity’s open-plan kitchen and dining area, where the warmth of winter is complemented by the stylish decor. Imagine sharing laughter and stories with loved ones in this inviting space, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Cosy Evenings in the Lounge: As the evenings draw in, retreat to the snug lounge, where plush furnishings and a crackling fire await. Whether it’s a family movie night or a quiet evening with a good book, Sea-Renity provides the perfect setting for relaxation and connection.

Enchanting Winter Walks: Take advantage of the crisp winter air with a leisurely stroll to Sidmouth’s renowned seafront, just a 6-minute walk away. The town’s charm takes on a different, quieter beauty during winter, offering a unique perspective for those willing to explore.

Local Delights: January is the perfect time to savor the culinary delights of Sidmouth. Indulge in fresh seafood at Neil’s Fish Restaurant or experience the rich flavors of The Cinnamon Tree, a local gem offering exquisite Indian cuisine.

Upcoming Event: Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow: Look forward to the summer excitement with the mention of the Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow happening from Friday, August 25th to Sunday, August 27th. Booking your stay at Sea-Renity now ensures you’re perfectly positioned for this thrilling event.

Conclusion: Embrace the magic of winter in Sidmouth with a stay at Sea-Renity. Unwind, explore, and create cherished moments in this coastal retreat. Book now to secure your spot for a memorable winter getaway.

Example Facebook Posts for 1 month:

Post 1: Caption: Escape the ordinary and embrace the charm of Sidmouth with Sea-Renity. A winter retreat like no other awaits you in the heart of town. 🏡❄️ Book your #Sidmouth getaway now! #SeaRenity #SidmouthRetreat #WinterEscape


  • Showcase a warm and inviting image of Sea-Renity’s open-plan kitchen/dining area or the cosy lounge with a fireplace, capturing the winter ambiance.

Facebook Post 2: Caption: Winter walks are better by the sea! 🌊 Discover the beauty of Sidmouth’s coastline just minutes away from Sea-Renity. Perfect for those seeking a serene escape. Book your stay and explore. #SidmouthSeaside #WinterWalks #CoastalRetreat


  • Feature an image of Sidmouth’s seafront during winter, with perhaps a shot of Sea-Renity in the background, creating a picturesque scene.

Facebook Post 3: Caption: Indulge in a culinary journey in Sidmouth! 🍽️ Neil’s Fish Restaurant and The Cinnamon Tree are just a stone’s throw away from Sea-Renity. Treat your taste buds during your stay. #SidmouthEats #LocalCuisine #FoodieGetaway


  • Share a tempting image of a dish from one of the local restaurants or a snapshot of the restaurants’ exteriors, enticing potential guests with the local culinary delights.

Facebook Post 4: Caption: Plan ahead for summer thrills! 🎉 Secure your spot at Sea-Renity for the Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow on August 25th-27th. Book now and be at the heart of the action! #SummerFun #SidmouthEvents #AirshowGetaway


  • Include an image that represents the excitement of the Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow, whether it’s an airshow photo or a lively shot from a past event.

Example Instagram Posts

Instagram Post 1: Caption: Cozy corners and winter warmth await at Sea-Renity in Sidmouth. 🏡❄️ Escape to this picturesque retreat and make memories that last a lifetime. #SeaRenity #WinterRetreat #SidmouthEscape


  • Share a carousel of images featuring the warm and inviting interiors of Sea-Renity. Include shots of the kitchen/dining area, the lounge with a fireplace, and perhaps a snug corner perfect for reading.

Instagram Post 2: Caption: Winter walks by the sea are good for the soul. 🌊 Take a stroll to Sidmouth’s coastline, just minutes away from Sea-Renity. Embrace the serenity of winter on the shore. #SidmouthByTheSea #WinterWalks #CoastalCharm


  • Showcase a captivating image of someone enjoying a winter walk along Sidmouth’s beach or coastline. Capture the beauty of the winter seascape.

Instagram Post 3: Caption: Savor local flavors at your doorstep! 🍴 Sea-Renity puts you close to culinary delights like Neil’s Fish Restaurant and The Cinnamon Tree. Book your stay for a taste of Sidmouth. #SidmouthEats #LocalCuisine #FoodieParadise


  • Feature a mouthwatering image of a dish from one of the local restaurants or a stylish shot of the restaurants’ interiors.

Instagram Post 4: Caption: Dreaming of summer adventures? ☀️ Plan ahead for the Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow on August 25th-27th. Book your stay at Sea-Renity and be at the heart of the action! #SummerThrills #SidmouthEvents #AirshowGetaway


  • Create an eye-catching image featuring a blend of summer vibes and the anticipation of the Sidmouth Regatta & Airshow. Include a visual element that represents the excitement of the event.

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