Web Design For Accommodation – how we have evolved to provide MORE than just websites for the accommodation industry!

How things have changed over the years! Looking back on how it all began for us is always a nice trip down Memory Lane… it’s interesting to compare the styles and additional functionality that we offer today compared to the more simplistic websites that we started off with! When we look at these older websites one of the positive things we can say about them is their simplicity and therefore page loading speeds are good, however the design limitations were huge compared to how we make a site today. But overall, these old sites were great for someone wanting just a simple site.

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One of our old websites – still going!

Only a handful of our early websites are still in existence as we offer a fantastically priced website design upgrade service to existing customers – nearly all our early customers have over the years chosen to upgrade their websites to one of our latest designs and this has allowed them to more importantly receive the latest technology which can improve visitor experience as well as search engine optimisation (getting yourself found online). This service means that our customers can always have a fabulous, great looking site – which will keep them ahead of their neighbouring competition without a huge price tag! (Note, if you are one of our customers reading this and would like an upgrade you can have one at any time, just get in touch and we’ll let you know the cost!).

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One of our latest designs…

What changes have happened along the way! When you consider how the web as a whole has influenced and changed the way accommodation providers market their properties, compared to the old ways of adverts in carefully selected publications and word of mouth. How did we manage? Before the likes of Airbnb, Booking.com & Tripadvisor etc, having a website gave you a very real chance of appearing easily on the first page or so of Google and other search engines. It gave owners with a good website a real advantage over those who didn’t have a website, or not a very good one. People looking for a holiday would spend weeks googling for the perfect place. In a way, the big booking sites have helped people see prospective accommodation more easily, but these big boys have really monopolised the search engines, and it’s a rarity to find a single owner’s website appearing above one of these booking engines for a competitive search phrase. But – actually whilst these big companies have changed the way things were, one of the clear benefits of having your own website is getting the direct enquiries on your site, after having been found on Airbnb or similar first – this is because quite a good percentage of people who look to book on these websites hope to find that by booking direct with the owner they will get a better rate. TIP: Does your website mention booking direct for best rates? If not, get this added to your site – somewhere where it can be seen as soon as they get on to your website will get you an immediate boost in enquiries!


When we started creating websites for accommodation owners, we basically were able to provide the website build, hosting, some marketing advice and not much more. We have now evolved to provide a whole spectrum of specially designed products and services that have been created solely for accommodation providers, always with the aim of keeping costs low. Our services cover social media marketing, dedicated business email, reviews management, email marketing, and many more to enhance your website and now a fantastic Booking System!

Whilst we always have been able to integrate any 3rd party booking system we can now offer a fantastic booking system that is part of your own website. It’s not as comprehensive as say Supercontrol, but does what it says on the tin, it allows people to book directly on your website, without paying any commission and is a fantastically low cost option for someone who wants to be able to synchronise their website calendar with Airbnb, Booking.com, HolidayLettings etc automatically – both ways i.e. 2 way synchronisation. You can read more about this here

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Our fab new booking system

We are always looking at what is new out there, so that we can be ready to provide our owners with the tools they need to keep their accommodation booked. So if you aren’t already one of our customers, the question is, why aren’t you?! Get in touch – email us or call 020 3371 8790