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Have your website checked…

Would you like to know if your website is as good as it could (or should) be?

To get a free report on your website, simply enter your name and email address in the request box on this page, and we will provide you with a free of charge report that will outline the following:

Page Titles – very important for SEO – does your site have page titles and are they the correct length?

Meta Description – Again very important, we take a look at your meta description (if you have one!) and let you know if it’s ok.

Text/HTML ratio: Find out if you have enough text on your home page.

Headers (H1,H2 etc) – does your site include headings?

Images: do your images have ALT attributes?

Robots: Does your site have a Robot.txt file to tell search engines how to crawl your site?

Sitemap: Does your site have a sitemap?

Social Media: Analyses facebook likes, shares and Google+

Responsive: Is your site responsive, ie. able to be viewed properly on tablets and smartphones as well as on desktops?

Simply enter your name and email address in the box and we will provide you with answers to the above about your website, within 24 hours (Mon to Fri only).

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Enter your Name, Email and website address below to receive a free report on your website:

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