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First Impressions

Does your website load quickly and smoothly on all devices?
Is your navigation clear and easy to follow, with menus that are logical and intuitive?
Is your website visually appealing and consistent with your brand?
Is your website fully optimised for mobile devices?

Guest Conversion

Does your website have a clear call to action, telling guests exactly what you want them to do?
Is your booking process simple and straightforward, with minimal steps and no hidden fees?

Local Appeal

Does your website showcase the unique charm and character of your location?
Do you highlight nearby attractions and activities, giving guests ideas for their stay?

Guest Engagement

Does your website have links to your social media accounts? (Facebook, Instagram etc...)
Do you showcase guest reviews and testimonials, building trust and social proof?

Branding & Trust

Is your website logo consistent with your brand identity?
Is your website consistent in its branding, with fonts, colours, and imagery used harmoniously?
Does your website have clear security measures in place, ensuring guests' data is safe?