Special Offer – Base Service + Added Global Area + Youtube Video SAVE £149.97!

This is a very classic design, which can be easily customised to suit the owner's preferences.

As with all of our sites, this is a fully responsive, mobile friendly website, and included in the set up fee is the all so important on-page search engine optimisation, which helps your site get found by search engines.  And best of all, the website is easily edited by the site owner.

The lovely blue background can be easily changed to different backgrounds / colours and so can the logo and title fonts.

The page layouts can be adapted to your accommodation; ie if you are a B&B you may like to have a section on each of your rooms.

This design has a "Call to Action" in the header, global testimonials and awards section on each page and also is showcasing a lovely video tour; this is an optional extra that not only showcases your accommodation beautifully but is also useful for SEO too - you can read more about it here

Pricing: If you wanted this exact layout the costs would be:

Our Base Service (which allows up to 8 sections) £299.99+VAT

Additional Global Section (to appear on each page): £49.99+VAT

Video Tour: £99.99 + VAT

TOTAL: £449.99+VAT

Special offer - order before Friday 23rd June 5pm and get all of this for just £299.99+VAT!

Take a look at the design (button below) and if you wish to take up this fantastic offer, simply click on the Proceed Button below and order via our online shop! We'll contact you shortly afterwards to let you know what we need from you to build your wonderful new website!


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