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Web Design For Accommodation Taking great photos

The Importance of Good Accommodation Photos: Why Your Smartphone Might Just Be Enough

Online platforms now dominate the hospitality industry, so the first impression of your accommodation often comes from the photos you present. Whether you’re listing your space on Airbnb,, social media or your own website, good accommodation photos play a pivotal role in attracting potential guests. And while professional photography might be the gold standard,…
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New books available about how to use ChatGPT for accommodation owners

Revolutionising Hospitality with ChatGPT: Introducing Two Essential Reads for Property Owners

The digital era has been revolutionising various sectors, and the hospitality industry is no exception. If you’re in the business of providing a stay, whether at a cosy B&B or a charming cottage, staying updated with technological advancements isn’t just beneficial—it’s pivotal. With the introduction of powerful conversational AI tools like ChatGPT, the way property…
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Web Design For Accommodation Questions 1

Unveiling “Your Questions – Your Resource”: The Digital Game-Changer Every Accommodation Owner Has Been Waiting For!

Prepare to be blown away, accommodation owners! Today marks an epoch-making milestone in the hospitality industry as we roll out the game-changing digital guide, “Your Questions – Your Resource.” Designed by us, the maestros at Web Design For Accommodation, this dynamic guide promises to transform your online presence in a way you’ve never experienced before.…
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