Booking systems for Accommodation Websites

Having made over 400 websites for accommodation owners, we have come across the many booking systems that our owners have chosen to use for their business, which allows us to have a good understanding of what systems are available, and the pros and cons for each service.

Our websites do not include a booking system; so we provide the option for owners to choose the booking system that suits them best, and we then add it to their website as part of the build process. For owners who don't wish to have direct bookings we can include a free availability calendar and enquiry form, so that online visitors can see easily and quickly which dates are available and then send the owner a quick enquiry.


Choosing the right booking system will vary for each accommodation owner, and cost, functionality and appearance are all factors to consider when trying to decide which ones will suit your requirements best.

Pricing really varies hugely, and you very much get what you pay for.  Many owners choose Freetobook mainly because as the name suggests, it's pretty much free; you simply pay for extras such as the ability for card payments and channel management.

You also need to consider if you want your booking system to sync with other calendars eg Airbnb and ensure that the booking system provides this feature.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and then let you know which booking companies are a good match for you.

Recommended Booking Systems:


Very nice system, with great integration into websites...take a look here at Cornish Bliss' website

Try a 30-day free trial by clicking here: Visit Bookalet


A great low-cost booking system...visit their website here

Our customers can further benefit by using our free availabilty calendar on their website, which will sync with their Freetobook calendar to show up to date availability without the need to update two calendars - see a site using our calendar and Freetobook - CLICK HERE


Expensive, but a great booking system - visit their website here


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