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INSTANTLY INCREASE BOOKINGS - Protect and Enhance Your Online Reputation

9 Out Of 10 People will check out your online reviews before booking a stay...don't let a lack of good reviews, or a bad review reduce your booking potential!

Discover the game-changing platform that will revolutionize your online reputation - Repuso! It's not often we promote a third-party service so completely, but Repuso is so fantastic that we had to share it with as many owners as possible.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people will check your online reviews before booking a stay? Don't let a lack of good reviews or a bad review reduce your booking potential! If you want to get more bookings, simply improving your online reviews will do this for you.


An unhappy guest will always be more vocal than a happy one, but with Repuso, you can increase the number of glowing reviews posted online while reducing the impact of bad reviews. It's time to take control of your online reputation and protect your business from negative feedback.

So how do you currently manage your online reputation? Do you ask guests to add reviews to TripAdvisor, Google Places, Yelp, or any other review websites? Or maybe you don't ask them at all and just hope for a good review to be posted. Well, it's time for you to do something better, something easier, something smarter with Repuso.

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Repuso is the ultimate tool for managing your online reputation. It monitors all your social media channels for reviews by your customers and collects reviews through their widgets. You can then select your favorite reviews in your dashboard for display in the widgets. Get notified and do this in real-time via the Repuso app. Increase your website's conversion by showing the selected reviews in a floating widget or inline on your most important pages.

But that's not all - Repuso's Professional Service will also allow you to route positive reviews. In a few simple steps, Repuso allows you to discover which of your guests are really happy and identify those who have had less than perfect experiences. Guests who have not been happy with their stay will be encouraged to submit their complaints only to you, providing you with the opportunity to manage the situation. Whereas happy customers will be directed to leave a positive review on TripAdvisor and other platforms.

With Repuso, you can improve your online reputation by increasing the number of positive reviews posted online and reducing the potential for bad reviews. Don't let your reviews (or lack of them) be the reason guests don't book with you. Get proactive and start protecting your reputation today with Repuso!

The ideal Reviews Tool

And not very expensive either!

Their cheapest service starts from just $9 a month, (about £6 or so) to benefit from this great service.

We can assist our website customers with the integration (adding the widget to your site) - for just £9.99+VAT

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