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A Website Service that will help you get more direct bookings

Most online viewers will decide within a few seconds whether they like the look of your website.

As we specialise in accommodation websites we ensure that YOUR new website won't be letting your property down.

We have made over 400 websites for B&Bs and self-catering properties and as such we have a unique insight into the accommodation industry, and feedback from our customers tells us that our sites work really well!

Taking Accommodation Websites Further...

A no-fuss, self-editable website that has been designed by us to easily lead your website visitors through your website and encourages them to enquire, view your availability or sign up to receive your newsletter.

Get a professional website, and learn at the same time how to do so much more with your website than ever before!

Benefit from getting more Direct Bookings with one of our websites.

Mobile First - Accommodation Websites designed for Mobile Users

The rise of mobile phones over the last 5 years has shown that mobile-first design has to take priority. Globally, the latest statistics indicate that approximately 50.88% of all internet traffic can be attributed to mobile devices/smartphones.

Mobile-first design is a design strategy where we perfect the design for the smallest screen first and work our way up to larger screens.

Our designs have always looked fabulous on mobiles, however we have now taken this one step further, with mobile-first designs.

Choose one of our exciting services...

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NEW! "Just Add Content" Website Service

Our brand new JUST ADD CONTENT option...

After choosing your accent colours, font choices and layout styles using our easy to use design form, we set up your site for you based on your requirements. Based on what you are providing, we ensure perfect layouts for each page which you simply need to fill in with your own text and photos, replacing the stock images and Latin text that we have set in place to make it really easy to see where to add your own content.  This is ideal for accommodation owners who want to be "hands-on" and really get to grips with how to make changes to their own website.


"No Work" Website Service

Our No Work option, where you let us do all the work for you. It's the same service as our "Just Add Content" option but we'll add your text and photos for you.

Mobile friendly websites for accommodation
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Bespoke Websites

For discerning accommodation owners who would like to have a website made to their exact specifications…

We can create any site you like, from a beautiful brochure style websites to a site with a full-on database-driven search functionality.  Whatever your website needs, we can do it!

As each job is different, we need to find out a bit more of what you are after before we can provide you with a price but to give you a rough guide, a brochure-style website with up to 7 pages will start at £1999.99 + VAT. Additional pages and /or more functionality will cost more!

Case Study - Nyhavn Lakeside Cottage & Hunters Moon

Nyhavn was the very first website to use our new "Just Add Content" service.  Tim Wells of TRW Marketing Services added all the text and images on behalf of the accommodation owner, and he told us that he "enjoyed building it and seeing the instant visual results..." and was also kind enough to leave us this lovely 5 star review !

Tim so enjoyed using our service that shortly after completing the Nyhavn site he soon completed a second site, for a quite extraordinary property called Hunters Moon, in Glastonbury and then a third site: La Serenite, in France.

Tim is a marketing consultant specializing in the holiday business, having worked within the holiday industry for over 14 years and in marketing for over 25 years he has helped generate new business for hundreds of holiday operators, businesses and holiday cottage owners. To find out more about his services please visit his website CLICK HERE.

The Website Service For Your Accommodation!

"Just Add Content" Website

£399.99+VAT set up fee

Plus £10.99+VAT / Month

The below are all included:
(the 'value' price shown next to the items below is the price an individual would have to pay if they bought the products and services themselves that we use for your website. We purchase these in bulk and therefore can provide the same services at a lower rate to our customers).

You may also find our FAQs section worth taking a look at!

Website Set Up

Your site is fully set up, ready for you to fill in the text and photos. We hold your hand each step of the way. You will also be well-practiced in your ability to edit your website going forward. Includes up to 7 pages, and more pages can be added for a small fee.

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Intuitive WordPress Website Design (Value £200)

We have created stunning page layouts, designed to get you more bookings - more content can be easily added to the design to accommodate any amount of information. Choice of font, accent colours etc ensure each website turns out unique to the site owner.

Premium Secure Hosting (Value £200 p.a.)

Don't let your site down with poor hosting. Did you know that hosting is not created equally? We use one of the world's leading hosts to ensure high level security and peace of mind for our customers (and us!)

Premium WordPress Plugins (Value £350)

We include amazing premium plugins and page editor to allow your site to zing.

Easy to follow Tutorial Videos (Value £200)

We show you step by step using video tutorials so you can easily work away on your website from the comfort of your own home.

Setup Your Own Domain (Value £15)

We include the annual registration of your domain (.co.uk)*

Customised To Your Own Brand Colors (Value £150)

Let us know your preferred choice of colours or provide your logo and we'll match your website colours to your brand.

SSL Security Certificate (Value £55 p.a.)

Imperative in today's online world. Provides your site with the secure padlock to tell your site visitors that it is a safe, encrypted website that they can safely visit.

Quality Control - we check your site for you on completion (Value £100)

We check over your website once you have added your content, to check it is all as it should be.

Search Engine Optimisation (Value £200)

On-site SEO carried out by our team to ensure your site has the ability to be found on search engines.

Blog included

Search engines such as Google love it when a website has a blog that is updated regularly. Increase your site's visibility by adding your own articles to your blog area.

Great Support - (worth...priceless!)

Join our private Owners website group to ask us any questions, or send requests via our support system.

* .com domains require an additional charge of £1+VAT per month (As these cost more than .co.uk domains to register annually).  We only recommend the .com domain for accommodation based overseas.

"No Work" Website

£749.99+VAT set up fee

Plus £10.99+VAT / Month

Mobile friendly websites for accommodation

Our "No Work" website Service is exactly as described. The only thing you will need to do is provide us with your preferred photos and text and we add it all for you.
We create your entire website so that means you don’t have to worry about a thing.


  • All the "Just Add Content" features (Worth £1470)
  • We Add All Your Content - simply provide us with your text and photos and leave the rest to us!
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for you to set up our website?

For our "Just Add Content" service we can have your new site set up and ready for you to add your content within 48 hours of receiving your order and completed design form (Monday to Friday).  For our "No Work" service we can have it ready within 2 to 4 weeks from receiving completed design form, text and images.

Is a domain name included?

Yes, we include a domain. If you already have a domain you can transfer it to us and we can cover the registration of this domain going forward.

Please note we include .co.uk domains only. If you would like a .com domain we require a small additional annual payment to allow for this, as .coms cost more to renew each year than .co.uk domains.

What is the monthly fee for?

There are ongoing costs involved to keep a website online, working properly and secure.

We combined this into one monthly fee and it covers the many hundreds of pounds for the ongoing renewal of all the software and plugins that are included in your site set up (this provides the functionality eg the front end page editor.)  We use agency versions of these, which allows us to provide these services much cheaper than if you were to try and purchase these as a single individual. 

The admin fee takes care of:

  • Premium Secure Hosting –  hosting is not created equal. There are some very bad hosting out there, and some very good hosting. We use one of the world's leading hosting companies.
  • SSL certificate to keep your site secure - this provides the padlock symbol you see in your website browser address bar, and provides your onsite visitors assurance that your site is safe to visit.
  • Premium Plugins that give your website the functionality to create the layouts etc.  Our state of the art front end editing is intuitive and allows your site to have great layouts.
  • Support - we provide excellent support to help you if you get stuck. We will create video tutorials for you to follow so you can see exactly what you need to do.
Are the websites mobile friendly?

Yes - totally! Our websites are FULLY responsive, so fit perfectly on any device screen size; be it a mobile, tablet, laptop, PC to large screens.

How many photos can I have?

There is no limit set for each website; however we recommend a maximum of 10 photos per page where possible as too many may make the website longer to load.

We automatically crunch down any large images you upload, so any photos you do add will be compressed and therefore quick to load, but obviously the more you have, the heavier the page will be.

How easy is it to add the text and photos?

Incredibly easy. We have taken away all the hard work for you; all you need to do is login to your website, visit the page you wish to edit, turn on the Page Editor, and you will immediately see where you need to replace the latin filler text and images with your own text and photos. You simply click into the text section or gallery area to make your changes, and then click "Update" and your changes are instantly live on the website.

How many pages can I have?

You can have up to 7 pages set up for you, and more pages can be added at a cost of £29.99+VAT per page.

Got a question?

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