Editable Websites

Simple and effective

What is an Editable Website?

Having the ability to edit your own website whenever you want, without fear of breaking it, is what nearly all website owners want, but very few get!

We have been working hard to create a foolproof system that will allow our website owners (many of whom aren't computer savvy), to easily update their accommodation websites themselves, without needing to ask us how to do it.

Over the years we have been fine-tuning this task, introducing increasingly easier ways of doing this, as well as providing bespoke video tutorials to show our customers precisely how THEY can do things, instead of just providing generic overviews.

Now we can unveil our new page editor, that contains each page's text and photos in one place, making it really quick and easy to update text and photos.

Watch the video above to see precisely how easy it is!

Our new Easy Edit System

In our view, an editable website is one that can be EASILY be updated by our customers. Whether they want to change text, update pictures and galleries, or add a blog post, we believe it should be a straightforward and painless process.

Our brand new page editing system is both simple and powerful at the same time. As you will see in this video it is incredibly easy to amend our websites.

"Save Money On Not Needing To Pay For Amendments"