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At Web Design for Accommodation, we specialise in crafting stunning, user-friendly websites that lead holiday accommodation businesses to online success.

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Steve Baylis - Owner

We’ve been where you are - the customer! Many years ago in a different life,  I started my first business and needed a website. Coming from a non-tech background, I employed a web designer to help create an online presence. Not knowing the first thing about domain names, hosting, html, php, email services and search engine optimisation, I felt completely out of my depth. What’s more, before my website was completed, my web designers disappeared! I lost a lot of money and was left with an incomplete website that I couldn't edit. It was at this point that I had a choice; find a new web team or learn to do it for myself. I chose the latter and fast forward 25 years we now have myself as well as a great team behind Web Design For Accommodation!

We know how important it is for you to pick the right web design team for your accommodation business. Our promise to you is to try to keep things as simple as possible, which is why our founding mission statement was “make complicated things simple”. We do our best to never blast you with jargon but instead focus on how we can simplify things so that you don't feel out of your depth.

From our innovative simple editing system for text and photos, to our search engine optimisation, copywriting and social media marketing service, we have helped hundreds of accommodation owners just like you succeed in the accommodation industry. We’re not just a web design company, we really want to help you succeed!

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