Call Now – The Exciting Optional Extra for your site!

CallNowButton2When you view a website on a computer it’s an easy matter to find the phone number and give them a call if you wanted to and that’s because you can see the number you want to dial, so you can just dial – easy. But when you are viewing a website on your phone it’s not so easy to call the contact number – you either need to write down the number, or memorise it!  Neither is ideal.

So how much easier would it be if you simply could click on a nice Call button instead? If you have one of our websites, we can add this great feature for just £29.99.

This will greatly increase the number of people calling you whilst viewing your site on their phones…and once they have made contact it makes them much more likely to book.  Otherwise, these same visitors may plan to call you when they get home for example, and then may not find your site again.

We also colour match the Call Now button to your site!

If you are viewing this on your phone, have a look at these sites that already have this feature added:

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