Frequently Asked Questions

We get quite a few questions through about our service from owners who would like to take up our service, which we have answered below:

Our current website is advertised widely so it is vital that we can retain the address; can you guarantee that we would be able to keep the address as it is now?

Yes, you would be able to keep your current website address. If you bought your website address yourself eg via fasthosts or Reg-123, (i.e. you can login to your account to renew your domain each year), we can easily change the nameservers to allow your domain points at our servers (which will then make the site we make for you replace the old existing one). If you don’t have control over your domain we will need to contact whoever does have access to your domain to change it over, but this is very commonplace and shouldn’t present a problem.

How would the self management training be given?

Once your site has been built, and made live, we would then set you up as a user to login to the back end of your site. We will provide you with some instructions on how to edit your pages, add and delete photos to your gallery, add photos to pages etc.  If you get stuck at all, you are always able to give us a call and we will be pleased to help.

Have your hosting fees been fairly stable during the past few years and are they likely to remain at a reasonable level as we have to consider onward costs as part of our business planning.

Yes, our hosting fees have remained stable over the last few years and next year’s fee will either remain at the same price level, or should we increase our prices, it will be a very small increase.  We want you to stay hosting with us, so you can be sure that our prices will always remain competitive.

Is there a limit to the number of photographs that can be used in the scrolling slideshow?

No, you can have as many as you like, we will add up to 10 for you, any more after this you can add yourself, however you may need to crop your photos to the correct dimensions (the slider has an smart crop function, but we find to get best results to crop first)

Can additional pages be added at a later date if necessary?

Yes (for our Standard & Premium websites), you can add as many pages as you like. We will create up to 5 pages for you as part of your set up fee. Additional pages that you would like us to create for you are chargeable at £29.99 per page for standard sites and £49.99 for premium pages

Is online booking with secure payments an option.

We work with booking systems on a daily basis and it’s no problem for us to add any 3rd party booking system to your new website. You simply need to sign up to a 3rd party provider of your choice, eg Freetobook, Supercontrol or Eviivo. Once you are set up with them they will provide the code or link to booking page which we will then add to your website.

Is the set up fee the only payment that we would need to make for the website build, or are there other costs we need to consider?

The set up fee (and of course the monthly Service / hosting fee once the website is made live!) is the only fee you need to make with regards to having your website built.  If you don’t have a domain name (website address) we can register one for you (for an annual fee) or you can register one yourself.  Optionally, if you would like to use our dedicated email service (so that you can have an email address eg info@yourdomain.co.uk) we can provide this for you for a small additional annual cost.
Going forward, we will occasionally email you with details of new innovations or add-ons you may wish to consider (these are always optional).

Is it possible to have an availability calendar linked to individual rooms (for B&Bs)?

Our sites come with 1 complimentary calendar. Should you wish to have multiple calendars we offer additional calendars for a one-off set up fee of £14.99 per calendar. If you use an external calendar we can integrate these at no extra charge.

I get a lot of emails from SEO companies saying my current website is not showing highly on Google and that it is not mobile phone friendly. What can you do to improve my site?

Our sites work beautifully on smartphones, tablets and ipads. Our websites are using the latest technology and so will be a vast improvement on an older site that may have been built using older methods. When we create your site, we will look at your existing site’s metadata, i.e. your page’s titles, page descriptions and keywords, and if necessary, improve on these whilst we add them to your new site.
Just having a better built site and tweaking the metadata should have a beneficial impact on your site’s rankings.