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If you have you been looking for new ways to either get more bookings, or to improve your search engine rankings, you need our new sensational Twitter & Blog service.

Service Overview:

We have put together a UNIQUE service that will do EVERYTHING you need to have a strong presence on Twitter, as well as increase the size of your website, improving your website's ranking and ability to be found for new search phrases.

The service includes our AMAZING "Just Follow & Direct Message" package to gain you thousands of followers...these followers are not just any old followers, but are TARGETED to be just the sort of follower you want!  We send each new follower a direct message, and our new improved service also includes sending a picture too!

The unique aspect of this service is that our system will follow up to 250 people a day for you, and will unfollow any people who don't follow you back (this is the bit that is almost impossible for you to do on your own, as you can't see who follows you back from looking at your following list) - without unfollowing the ones who don't follow you back, you would soon run out of space to follow new people.

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Twitter Marketing for AccommodationPlus: We include our amazing MissingLettr service; which is worth $40 per month if you were to take it out yourself.  This amazing service is brand new and will create multiple tweets on any new posts your website publishes.  Each post will then be tweeted out approx 9 times throughout the coming year, each tweet will be different, and will include the best hashtags for the post.  So all you need to do is create up to 10 blog posts a week, and these will be tweeted out to the max for you!  We can also connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page (if you have one - if you don't, we suggest you get one!) so that everything you tweet out gets added to your Facebook page, saving you hours of work.


Next BLOG: We will show you how to post a new blog article; and we recommend that you aim to add at least 2-8 new posts a week, for best results, it would be great if you could do 1 post a day.  But you don't need to do this each day, you can write up the posts once a week, and schedule them to post out whenever you want.
Optional Extra - we can add curated articles to your blog; for an additional £20.00+VAT per month we will add 8 blog posts per month.

The only service you will need to succeed on Twitter and to grow your website.

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Why use anything else? This service is ALL YOU NEED!

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The Twitter & Blog Service

The cost for our amazing Twitter & Blog Service is as follows:

£99.99+VAT Set Up Fee

then £19.99+VAT per month

Order via the link below and we will then contact you to set up your direct debit!