Learn what size your website photos should be – and how to easily resize your photos for optimum results.

Have you wondered what size images you should be using for your website? Ensuring your website performs and looks as good as possible is directly related to your website photos. Website owners can inadvertently impose a poor user experience for their site visitors simply by using huge media files and causing their site to struggle to load.

Now that nearly everyone has faster internet speeds, the trend is to include tons of photos on accommodation websites, and this is not something that is likely to change anytime soon.

Photos are the best way to sell anything, and accommodation is no different. So how can you include plenty of photos, whilst knowing what sizes to use? Here’s a quick video guide to show you how!

Useful Info:

Choose jpgs instead of png files for your images.

Your phone may have the photo settings as Heic or Heif, turn this feature off, as these files aren’t able to be uploaded to your website.

For Hero images (or any image that is being used to fill the width of your website) should be 1920 pixels wide – this is HD resolution, and aim for a max of 250kb in file size.

Free Online Services (used in the video)

Here are the links to the free online services used in this video:

Pixlr: https://pixlr.com/

Bulk resize tool: https://bulkresizephotos.com/en

Get in touch if you have any questions!