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Making your mobile view website work for you

Whenever we see something “cool” on a website we always consider if it’s something we should introduce into our own website services… recently we saw a website that had a really great mobile view Call-To-Action area that was fixed at the bottom of the screen.  This had a Call Button, An Email Button and a Book (or Availability) button, and it not only looked really neat, but also very useful.

There is nothing more frustrating for online visitors to have to work hard to figure out how to contact you or see how to book or check availability, especially on a mobile where the smaller screen can make it more difficult for some users. You are likely to lose bookings if it’s too much work for them to figure it out. The Mobile Action Bar is a great step to making your website work for you on a mobile device.

Making your mobile view website work for you

Over half of all website browsing is carried out on either a smartphone or tablet, and so it makes perfect sense to have this fixed action “bar” to make it even easier for the site visitor to get in touch with the accommodation owner or to book directly.

The Mobile Action Bar provides site visitors with quick access to three main call-to-actions they’d like — Email, Book now (or View Availability), and Call.

We can now offer this service to any customers who have had a website built with us in the last 3 years (please double-check with us if you are not sure how long ago you had your site built, and we can advise on compatibility).  The cost to have this great Contact Bar is just £59.99+VAT and is a one-off cost to add this to your existing website. (You can view a demo version here – make sure you view on your mobile!)

Who is this recommended for? Any accommodation where you want your mobile visitor to easily be able to get in touch or book…oh, I think that should be everyone?!

You can order via this link – CLICK HERE

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