Missing Lettr – The way to get ahead on Twitter & Other social streams

This is an amazing tool for any one wishing to get ahead with Twitter and other social media streams!

You need to have a blog set up within your site to make this work.

What it does: Missing Lettr will check your site for new posts on your blog. When it detects a new post, it will create a campaign based on the new post.  It cleverly takes little snippets to create quotes and makes pictures out of these.

Each campaign will end up with approximately 9 tweets per post and will schedule them to be delivered throughout the oncoming year.

It also allows you to choose relevant hashtags, and will tell you how popular each one is, so that you can make the most out of each one.

Visit Missing Lettr here to find out more. (They also have a free plan which is quite limited, but good for those who only want to post 2 blog articles a month. Their cheapest plan is just $15 a month; which is perfect for the normal user).  Visit Website


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