Not just website providers…we’re here to help!

It’s hard sometimes for us to quantify what makes us different from other typical website agencies…but a recent experience is one that we feel illustrates the point rather well!

You may or may not be aware, but once you are one of our website customers, our main focus is to keep you happy, in the hope that you will stay our customer for a long time. One of the key things we feel helps the most is to allow our customers to get a brand new website, whenever they choose, at half price of the current cost. But it’s also the small things we do along the way.

The other day, we were helping a customer of ours who had recently upgraded from a very basic site that we had made him years ago, to a brand new site, that had a lot more functionality.

One of the key things we tell our customers is that for best results, you really need to show your accommodation’s availability, as you will lose potential bookings from site visitors who can’t be bothered to phone the owner to find out if there is availability or not. The owner whose site we were building had previously not shown any availability and wanted to do so to increase the likelihood of more enquiries/bookings as per our suggestion. However, he didn’t want to take up a booking system, so we provided him with a great calendar for his website, which has the ability to sync with 3rd party sites eg Airbnb, etc. Having the calendar sync with the owner’s other calendars is ideal, as it means that the owner will not need to ever update the website calendar manually. To get this to work I asked the owner to contact (where he advertises his rooms) so they could help him find their calendars sync codes.

Well, what should have been simple and straightforward turned into several days of angst for the poor owner…he called numerous times, asking them to please provide him with the sync codes for the calendars. He must have rung them 20 times, and each time they were unable to help him successfully. The last person he spoke to even said that his account didn’t have this feature! In the end, even though we’d not had to get the sync code from a listing ever before, we agreed that we would login to his account and have a go to get the code for him. We accessed his account and after following online instructions, got the code relatively easily! Why this was therefore such a hardship for is hard to fathom.

The owner was so thrilled that a)his ordeal with was over, and b) he had calendars that could autosync without him needing to do anything, and we felt great that we could help him out. Who would have helped him if we couldn’t? There are numerous instances like this where we assist our owners in either choosing the best booking system for their needs, or checking their 3rd party listings, providing insights into what can improve their current online visibilty and much more.

Our customers are likely to ask us questions about all sorts of things (not even related to websites) because they know we’re here to help them as much as we can.

In the last year, we have further improved our support to customers, by providing custom made video tutorials to show our owners exactly what to do, which has helped our owners feel confident enough to make changes themselves much more readily – in fact, the owner mentioned in this article above has been able to add photos, amend text and really make his website as he wants it, due to our new easy-edit system, just using his ipad!

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our services.