Recent review from The Cavendish…

It’s always nice to get a review, and we wanted to share this one with you, as the situation was a bit different from the norm!

The new owners of The Cavendish, Scarborough had previously been owners of another B&B, and had come to us quite a few years ago to create their website. So when they sold the B&B and moved on to the new B&B they were keen for us to make them a new website, as they had been very pleased with the one we had made for them previously.

There was a need to make the new site as quickly as possible as they didn’t want to use the Cavendish’s old site, so we quickly updated the domain’s DNS and set up a holding page whilst quickly building a whole new site behind the scenes.

Our new website services are designed to work beautifully in terms of search engines, with niche/USP articles, area articles and reviews each working as individual pages, to greatly increase the size of the website and provide landing pages for all the reasons why someone should choose them, all of which are great for SEO.

We provided the owners with login details and a video tutorial so that they could tweak any of the text and photos easily, and instructions on how to add new articles and reviews so that they can grow their site over time.

The new site went live last week, and the owners were really pleased with the ease of using our service, and the end result! Direct quote:

As always you exceed our expectations and have built a fabulous website for us in record time – thank you so much

Lis – The Cavendish

We’re so pleased to have been able to help an existing customer with a new website, and look forward to watching them grow their website!