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Why accommodation owners shouldn’t ignore social media

In the accommodation industry, many owners may not recognise the significance of social media marketing. However, in this current digital world, social media can be a very smart tool to enhance your online presence, engage your clientele, and boost bookings. Here are five reasons why social media marketing is essential for ALL hospitality providers:

Elevate your presence and brand recognition

Social media platforms help you reach a broad audience. By establishing social media profiles – namely Facebook and Instagram for your accommodation, you can easily showcase your property beautifully, to draw in potential guests. Sharing news about your business, special offers, and upcoming events is ideal to keep your audience in the loop about your accommodation.

Cultivate customer relationships and loyalty

Social media allows you to connect with your audience and create relationships. Simply by acknowledging their comments, reviews, and messages, you can demonstrate your appreciation for their input. This in turn helps establish customer loyalty and encourages future bookings.

Budget-friendly promotion

Social media marketing is a hugely economical way to advertise your accommodation and connect with your audience – by and large, there is no real cost apart from your time – You can focus on specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, designing campaigns that appeal to those most likely to be interested in your property.

Increase website traffic and reservations

Social media can generate more traffic for your website and in turn, boost booking numbers. By sharing links to your website, you can motivate people to visit your site and book their stay. Promote exclusive deals, discounts, and packages to further entice bookings!

Distinguish yourself from competitors

And lastly, social media marketing can help you differentiate your business from other hospitality providers in your region. Keep maintaining a robust social media presence to stand out above the crowd!

How to get ahead:

Ok – so that being said – we hear from our customers frequently that they aren’t sure what to post on social media, so end up not doing it at all, or so infrequently that it is ineffective, which reinforces the idea to them that it’s not worthwhile. However, anyone who is selling anything (be it accommodation, or a restaurant) is missing out HUGELY if they don’t embrace social media, and making themselves ever more reliant on the big booking sites for all their bookings.

We have a solution that is currently being worked upon that will solve this issue completely! Watch this space!

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