How to Add Click To Text to your website

How to add “Click To Text” and “Click to Whats App” to your website

Imagine this… a potential guest is browsing your website. They have a quick question that could make the difference between browsing and booking. What’s the easiest way for them to get that answer instantly?

Hint: It’s not filling out a lengthy contact form or playing phone tag!

With features like click to text and WhatsApp, you can bridge that gap. Guests get the immediate support they want, and you’re more likely to secure that booking. Let’s talk about how to make this happen seamlessly on your website!

Click to Text: The Power of Instant Messaging

With a click to text link, potential bookers can send you an SMS by clicking on a link on your website – no more searching for your phone number!
It’s as simple as this: format the link like ‘sms:077112345678’ (using your actual mobile number, of course).

Here’s how:

WhatsApp: Connect Globally

WhatsApp is a favorite for travelers worldwide. With a “click to chat” link, potential guests can start a WhatsApp conversation instantly.

Here’s the basic setup: use the link ‘’ (replace with your full international format phone number).

Want to go the extra mile? Add a custom message like ‘’ This way, a chat window opens with a pre-written question (remember to replace ‘urlencodedtext’ with your message and use ‘%20’ for spaces).

Pro Tip: There are some great WhatsApp plugins for your website – these offer extra features to make guest communication even smoother.

What do you think? Ready to transform your website into a communication hub? Have a go!