Custmer review

What a review!

We love what we do, and much of the joy we have is from ‘meeting’ our lovely customers. Many of our customers now feel like friends, and it is especially brought home to us when we receive a super review as we did today! It was so lovely, we wanted to share it on our news feed, so that potential new customers can get a taste of what our company is about, and the service we provide:

WDFA Provide Beautiful Designs and Exemplary Service
“We have just upgraded our original website which Web Design for Accommodation first created for us four years ago.   The original website has attracted a lot of positive feedback from our guests and has functioned perfectly throughout this time. 
Our new website is fresher with an amazingly easy to use editor.  Within one day of our site being live I edited text, uploaded and inserted a new image and changed prices on what was previously a complicated table.  It took a few minutes.  One click on ‘Save’ and it is live – wonderful.
The WDFA team is a highly talented and conscientious group of Web Developers.  The communication and service is flawless. We have absolute faith in this very helpful company.   When I have been unsure how to make changes to my website they have advised me how to achieve the desired results, providing clear instructions and even sending me links to videos which demonstrate the process.  I do not know of any other company that would do this. Some simple global changes they have made for me.  I always have the feeling that they want the best for us; like a friend with great knowledge and skill.
The aspects we like best include: a unique and modern website which is easy to navigate with a harmonious and subtle colour palette.
All the images are properly composed and formatted so that one click expands them into a large and still beautiful picture.
Our linked email service sends our completed Enquiry Form and normal enquiries to us straight from the website and also handles the rest of our emails.
The new Extras include a Photo Blog; just upload an image and give it a caption.  A simple way to update your web content and hold the attention of visitors.  
We are absolutely delighted.”

Julie Anne – Corsham Field Farmhouse

Thanks so much Julie Anne – we are so happy to read your kind words!

If you are thinking of joining us, please get in touch!